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Submitted on
December 29, 2012


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Journal Entry: Sat Dec 29, 2012, 10:30 AM



Payment Method : PayPal (USD), Points [PAYPAL FEE CALCULATOR]

Please read and agree to the TOS before commissioning me. [FULL TOS]
I do bend the rules a bit or exclude certain people from certain rules, usually returning commissioners who have bought a lot/ bulks. You know who you are.
WILL - OCs, human(oid)s/ human body structure, small animals, very few and specific anthros(?), minimal armour/ mecha, ask

WON'T - high detail, bald/ muscular/ elderly, NSFW/fetishes, official characters, MLP & Sonic, mecha, designs, big animals, snouts, ask


• I go chronologically through the notes, but slots are determined by who pays first.
• Maximum limit of 5 items per order (ex: 5 dollies/ 2 chibis + 3 wee icons/ etc.) unless said otherwise
• Separate forms for separate photos please (unless obviously stated, but this is easier for me)
• Please go to my terms for information about WIPs and previews.
Form MUST be filled properly otherwise I will ignore it.
• Additional payment will be added for more complex orders and additions.

• I edit the note to make it cleaner/ more clear for me and use that note. It is highly preferred if you reply with it after I have made the changes.
Username : name of character's owner
Commission Type : name of commission type
Reference(s) : full colored images only
Notes : in bullet form; any extras and specifics

Payment Method : PayPal or Points
PayPal e-mail : if paying by PayPal

| Pricing

• $1 = 100 points.
• Listed prices do not contain additional or transaction fees. These are base prices. With the fee is listen as well.
• Couples will be twice the price.
• If available, characters in group pictures will be priced separately.
• Complex designs or designs I'm not used to will be charged extra.
• Complex orders in general will be charged extra.
• Additional items/ companions or animation will be charged based on complexity.

| Wee Icons | $8+ / 800+ :points: (couples x2)

Velia by xineli
= $ 8.54 +
• blinking animation
• default heart companion (can be changed upon request)
• default face left
• ask for additional animation
• I can do connecting icons but there are no discounts.

| Dollie Icons | $8+ / 800+ :points: (couples x2)

= $ 8.54 +
• blink and bounce animation
• default face right
• ask for additional animation
• I can do connecting icons but there are no discounts.

| Dollie Chibis | $8+ / 800+ :points: (couples x2)

Dollie Chibi Batch 6 by toastilieDollie Chibi Batch 7 by toastilie
= $ 8.54 +
• about 200x200 pixels
• unwatermarked version will be privately given to the buyer
• ask for extra items/ companions

| Flat Chibi | $18+ / 1800+ :points: (couples x2)

Archmage V by xineliCommander Lizzardo by xineli
= $ 18.84 +
• will have my 'watermark', but not as severe as the middle
• ask for additional items/ companions
• willing to do scenic backgrounds but only simple and flat colored

| Lineless | $20+ / 2000+ :points: (NO COUPLES)

Human!Toothiana by xineliFlower Swing by xinelilizzard by xineli
= $ 20.90 +
• will have my 'watermark', but not as severe as the middle
• ask for additional items/ companions
• willing to do scenic backgrounds but only simple

| Doodle Page | $25+ / 2500+ :points: (NO COUPLES)

TYPE A Doodle Page : Velia by xineliDoodle Page : Relxion by toastilie
TYPE BDoodle Page : Valka by xineliDoodle Page .  teasomething by toastilie
= $ 26.05 +
Type A is default.
• Type A : separated pictures, connecting in some places
• Type B : all of them tied together in some way, none of them alone

• will simplify if needed (I'm not good at it though)
• will have my watermark
• will include at least 4 images; 1 big half/fullbody depending on character, a chibi, and random
• ask for addtional items/ companions (small animals, plushes, etc.)
• can give suggestions/ specifics, otherwise it will be up to me

| Slots

Slots are decided based on who pays first.
1. teasomething
2. Vaniraa
3. Shaozilou

1. Vaniraa
2. Lejinn
3. Toeiya

1. Vaniraa
2. -
3. -

Unlimited for a while (depends on how much each person orders).

Notes :
• I may or may not give a warning when I raise prices
• If you have a problem with my prices or terms, then look elsewhere. I am a student who has a life and school to attend to. Commissions are something I do when I have free time, but I will remain professional and accept my responsibility when accepting a commission.
• I go through commissions generally fast, but factors such as weather/ indoor temperature (only if it's hot), life, and my health affects my work time and motivation. The heat is such a big factor you have no idea.

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cookiekrio Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wahhhh im so late ;;---;; </3
teasomething Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
may i commission you for a type b doodle page?
xineli Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
Sure sure just send the form and note ~
anhvan44 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
Might be a stupid question, but what is "private/ commercial commissions"?..............: D I mean, aren't they either private or commercial?
xineli Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
LMAO oops wrong word.
I meant like...
all my commissions will be uploaded somewhere. I don't like not having the freedom to be allowed to post my work. I should have used "secret" lol.

Commercial is to use it to make their own profit from it.
anhvan44 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 7, 2014
Oooooohhhhhh.... I get it now, OK. XD
Also, one of your terms says "Artwork may NOT be used for resell/ profit from/ commercial use in digital or print" - do you do for personal prints (as in prints for personal use)? QwQ
xineli Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
Basically it means you can't sell it at all, like for prints or whatever online.

But I guess if the person wants to print it themselves fine by me because as long as they don't profit from it they can do whatever they want with the commission... but I personally can't make prints unless it's on a site like redbubble or society6.

I really need to edit all of that crap :iconlazepoolplz:
anhvan44 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
Ah, I was thinking about mugs here at deviantART (just asked for future reference, since I was thinking about a style that isn't available + waiting for free shipping from deviantart, LOL), but I must check out those sites, I think. Thanks. ^^"

Actually I'm just a bit dense, so I'm not sure it's needed. TwT
xineli Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
No problem thank you for asking ^^
Shaozilou Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
Hello! Can I commission a couple Dollie Chibi, I'm working on their refs so is it alright to save a spot?
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